OiDroids Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Crew

OiDroids Nuts 'n' Bolts CrewThe Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Crew are the OiDroids that shift heavy loads and turn space junk and other materials into new parts, machines and rooms for the OiDroids’ space station – Orbital Island. 

There are 30 Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Crew characters split into two sets:

OiDroids Nuts 'n' Bolts Crew Set 1

OiDroids Nuts 'n' Bolts Crew Set 2

Each new Crew pack card features a character bio, a build difficulty icon and a redesigned data card which can be folded to stand up. Like all OiDroids the Nuts ’n’ Bolts Crew are simple and fun to build – just pop out, fold and join. All characters are made from one piece only and no cutting or sticking is needed.